Clown, Actor, Creator, Director, Producer, Shakespearean Bandit, Clown College Graduate; kissed Lindsay Lohan, stripped for the late TV icon Garry Marshall and juggled around David Letterman!  .
Photo by Victoria Matlock
With the cast of Shotspeare in Australia, shot by Jon Brooks
The Dingbat Show at the NY Clown Theater Festival, photo by Jim Moore
Hosting Miracle Cure, Rochester Fringe. Photo by Avi P-N
With Bello Nock at the New Victory Theater, photo by Amanda Stevens
With my wife Heidi, visit, shot by Francois Angers
The Plunger. Circus Flic Flac, Germany. Photo by Jan Oulehla
With Heidi and Parker. Photo by Erich Camping
On the far right with The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
"I have no higher recommendation for an out-of-the-ordinary good time than any show with which Matt Morgan is associated." 
-Jason Rohrer,
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"Percentage of shows featuring Matt Morgan that where worth paying to see: 100."
-Bitter Lemons-A Year in the Good Seats