5 sword-wielding actors, 1 drunken audience member & an entire work of Shakespeare all in an hour!
"This is a live, living, in-your-face and down-the-hatch, in-the-moment, up-your-ass catharsis"
-Jason Rohrer,
Photo by Maike Schulz
Photo by Maike Schulz
Photo by Jon Brooks
Photo by Dan Freeman
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"Morgan is a conscientious and thoughtful
The Morgans - Clown, Cabaret, Theater, Circus 
director of actor's and of moments."
-Jason Rohrer, stageandcinema.com
Photo by Francois Angers
Photo by Jan Oulehla
Photo by Jan Oulehla
Photo by Erich Camping
Matt & Heidi Morgan, a married couple of comedians that spend almost too much time together! We act, dance, host, acrobatique, audience interact and love wearing any fabric that's over 50% spandex!
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-Le Journal de Quebec
At Stinky Monkey LLC we make shows. Theater, cabaret & circus mostly; Shakespeare, dancing and acrobatics included! Visit our website to learn more about the work we do. www.stinkymonkey.info
"Poignant, unexpectedly moving and beautiful"
-Democrat and Chronicle