1. Cabinet of Wonders - Rochester Fringe Festival, 2015
  2. Shotspeare's Romeo & Juliet
  3. Me and a friend
  4. Shotspeare's Macbeth
  5. Miracle Cure  - Rochester Fringe Festival, 2016
  6. Miracle Cure - Rochester Fringe Festival, 2016
  7. Shotspeare's Romeo & Juliet
  8. Eclectic Attraction - Rochester Fringe Festival, 2017
  9. Cabinet of Wonders  - Rochester Fringe Festival, 2015
  10. Shotspeare's Romeo & Juliet
  11. The Dog - Cockroach Theatre Company
  12. The Cat - Cockroach Theatre Company
  13. The Petite Palace
  14. The Petite Palace
  15. Shotspeare's Romeo & Juliet
  16. The Cat - Cockroach Theatre Company
  17. The Petite Palace - An intimate traveling performance venue
  18. Sideshow - Rochester Fringe Festival, 2018

"Morgan is a conscientious and thoughtful director of actor's and of moments."

-Jason Rohrer, Stage and Cinema

Current Projects

The Petite Palace is an intimate and eclectic performance venue that serves as a unique home to an exciting array of live shows. With a minimal footprint and the capacity to travel, this fully functional tent tours to towns small and large presenting shows that are engaging, immersive and unforgettable. Come sit shoulder to shoulder with your neighbors as you experience world-class entertainment that’s within arms reach.
Stinky Monkey LLC is a producing group that utilizes elements of circus, vaudeville, performance art and classical theater to make shows that entertain, physically engage and awaken the playful spirit of the audience. ​We believe live performance can bring communities together for a shared experience that will enrich people's lives. We perform in theaters, tents, storefronts, bars and break rooms; the Stinky Monkey aims to make theater relevant, engaging and downright fun!
Shotspeare is five classically trained actors, one random audience member, a bunch of booze and an entire work of William Shakespeare all in an hour...ish. Robin Leach says "It's one of the most unusual and drunken bacchanal shows in Las Vegas history." The company has casts in Los Angeles, New York & Las Vegas. It has played the United States, Australia and a private resort compound on the Seychelle Islands. Adaptations include; Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, Othello

Other Projects

Visual Stimulation

Some kind words (Press)


The Dog/The Cat